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Easter menu at Boutique hotel - restaurant MaMa


Boutique hotel in Majori, Jurmala. Opened in 2008. The building reflects the tendencies
of contemporary architecture and charmingly fits into the landscape of Jurmala.
You can see from the hotel the sun rising over the river and hear the pines
rustling in the seaside dunes.
The interior can be characterised as unusual – touched by an elegant irony
and contemporary lifestyle – where the dreams of happy human beings
are enacted in the interplay of different forms of design.

"Mama" - Hotel
"MaMa" - Restaurant
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Majori (City district)

Steamed asparagus with quail eggs and grapefruit - 6.00 Ls
Tuna – fish tartar with chopped egg salad - 7.00 Ls

Main dishes
Fried fillet of salmon with scrambled eggs and mustard sour cream - 11.00 Ls
Grilled beef fillet with egg sunny side up and mashed potatoes - 13.00 Ls

Easter surprise - 4.50 Ls

Sunny prize for Design hotel rooms – 50 % discount!!!!

For more information and reservations,
Please call: + 371 67761271; e-mail:[email protected]