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MaMa 's pancakes season is open!

Pancakes MaMa style -only 3.00Ls ! Tasty!
"MaMa" - Restaurant
Related territories
Jurmala (Town, city)


Pancake with tomatoes ,mozarella cheese and ruccola
Pancake witth egg sunny side up,becon and mushrooms
Pancvake with smocked salmon ,sour cream and spring onions
Pancake with baby shrimps ,tomatoes and avocado
Pancake with ham,cheese and radish


Pancake with banana ,honay ,ice cream and nuts
Pancake with pineaple ,cherrys and chocolade
Pancake with cottage cheese ,whipped cream and fresh berries
Pancake with strawberries,white chocolate mousse and forest berries sorbet
Pancake with ice cream and fruit – berry sorbet