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Bird Observation Event ‘Bird Days’ Is Taking Place at Papes National Park

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In May, 15th everybody who loves recreation at nature will be able to take part in an exiting event  ‘Bird Days 2010’, which is being organized by Pūķarags resort complex. Park visitors will have a exclusive opportunity of getting familiar with a great variety of bird types by taking part in a bird observation excursion.
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"Pukarags" - guest house, recreation centre
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Pape (Village)

‘Bird Days 2010’ participants will take a walk along park’s paths, while competeting for ‘The Most Attentive Participant’ title. They will get much knowledge about birds after listening the stories of experienced Latvian specialist, Dmitry Boiko, a chief ornitholog of the Latvian Museum of Nature and the north swan researcher. Our guests will also apply their skills in making the nestling boxes. Only in May, 15th the bird exhibition of Papes national park, which has been specially organized by the Museum of Nature, will be available in Pūķasrags guest house. From 10th till 20th ( 9:00-21:00 daily) of May you will be able to admire ‘Park’s Flora & Fauna’ photogallery, by Edgar Ledinsh.

In total, 278 different types of birds ihabit Papes national park; 84 of them have Latvian origin, but 69 ones belong to rare and guarded bird types of the other European countries. If our visitors have luck they will see landrails, which are in danger of extinction all over the world. Papes national park is one of the best bird observation places in Latvia as, owing to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), it is equipped with the special bird and nest observation towers at the lakeside.

On 15th of May from 8:00 a.m. Pūķarags resort complex is waiting for all of the ‘Bird Days 2010’ participants, so together it would be able to feel in touch with nature and observe the birds. The participants will have to come back to the complex by 13:00, where the results are summarized  and the most attentive participant is announced. At 14:00 Dmitry Boiko will share his knowledge with the audience. At 15:00 bird-devoted photogallery of the Papes national park, by Edgar Ledinsh, will be opened. Then everybody will be able to take part in making nestling boxes for titmouses, thrushes and hoopoes.

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