Vireshu Parish

Vidzeme reg. >  county
In this territory / settlement
Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 2
Active recreation 2
Culture, history 2
Nature 20
Organisations, institutions 1
Religion, cult 2
Sightseeing, tours 1
Traffic, communication 2
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Objects to see
Vizla Nature Trail
Lower dolomite outcrops in Vizla River
Vireshi crabapple
Randati cliffs and Tilderi precipice
Cliffs consist of dolostone of Upper Devonian Plavinas series. In the northern part of cliffs there is abandoned quarry.
Height of the cliffs - 15 m (two terraces - 6 and 9 m), width - 65 m, total_
Vizla bridge
Zaklu secular stone (The Great Vizla Stone)