Latgale Region

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In this territory / settlement
Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 220
Active recreation 57
Beautycare 6
Catering 95
Culture, history 422
Entertainment 9
For transport 49
Health 138
Money 44
Nature 256
Organisations, institutions 167
Religion, cult 671
Services 25
Sightseeing, tours 235
Trade 42
Traffic, communication 246
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Objects to see
Cirisa Lake
Malta Parish Museum
St. John the Baptist Vecsaliena Orthodox Church
Malnava Manor
Mainor castle was built in 19th. century. During the war time was heavely demaged. In the second world war the mainor was blasted. Today the mainor is mnaged by agriculture tech. Still partly preserved_
Lejas Mill
Kombuli St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
Malta Holy Orthodox Church