Vecriga (Old Riga, Old Town)

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Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 56
Active recreation 1
Beautycare 4
Catering 69
Culture, history 8
Entertainment 20
Money 2
Organisations, institutions 8
Religion, cult 9
Services 8
Sightseeing, tours 87
Trade 10
Traffic, communication 2
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Brief History of Riga
Objects to see
Former St. Juris Church
Latvian War Museum
The Latvian War Museum was founded in 1916 as the Latvian Riflemen's Museum. Since 1919 the museum has been located in a 14th century powder tower, formerly one of Riga's 25 fortification towers._
Livs' Square
Town Hall Square, Rolands' Statue
Town Hall
Riga castle Ensemble with Bastion Fragments
It was founded in 1330 and has undergone repeated reconstructions. In the years of the Soviet era there was the Palace of Pioneers, at present there is the place of residence of the president of Latvia_
Dome Cathedral (Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church) and Monastery Ensemble
St.Mary's Cathedral was built as a bishop's cathedral. This historical monument became a symbol of the Old town of Riga. For the past centuries it was rebuilt many times, so its present image contains_