Dundagas County

Kurzeme reg.
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In this territory / settlement
Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 23
Catering 2
Culture, history 18
For transport 1
Health 5
Nature 47
Organisations, institutions 4
Religion, cult 16
Services 4
Sightseeing, tours 22
Traffic, communication 6
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Objects to see
Fishermen Boat Cemetery
Mill Ruins
Swedish Ditch Waterfall
Jusulejas secular stone
Length 5,9 m, width 5,1 m, height 2,9 m, circumference 18,0 m, volume 60 m³. Located on the ancient seabed, standing on smaller boulders. Smooth, rosy granite.
Kolka Horn - Farthest North Point of Kurzeme
Dundaga Evangelic Lutheran Church
The church was built in 1766 thanks to benefactor Barons Karls fon der Osten-Sakens. The beautifully toned organ was made by Ansis Dinsber
Kolka Christ's Rebirth Orthodox Church
Kolka is only libian town, where in the year of 1890 orthodox church was built.