Dundagas Parish

Akmenkalns Devil's Foot Stone
Length - 5,6 m, width - 4,0 m, height up to 3,3 m, circumference – 17,3 m, volume 40,5 m³. Granite, boulder divided in three parts. Ancient border mark. This boulder could be linked to some paganic_
Pitragupe river banks
Slitere Lighthouse
Dundaga Castle
  The Dundaga Manor-Castle was built in the 13th century on the artificial islet. It was the castella type castle of Riga Dom-capitul with the small forepart of the castle that with the time converged_
Dundaga Baptist Church
Dundaga Park
"Krokodils" ("Crocodile")
Jusulejas secular stone
Length 5,9 m, width 5,1 m, height 2,9 m, circumference 18,0 m, volume 60 m³. Located on the ancient seabed, standing on smaller boulders. Smooth, rosy granite.
Zartapu coomb
Waterfall is made unusual by the colors of exposed rocks - maroon and livid coloured argillac dolomite. These are the oldest exposed rocks in Latvia belonging to the early Devonian period. Argillac dolomite_
Swedish Ditch Waterfall
Dundaga Evangelic Lutheran Church
The church was built in 1766 thanks to benefactor Barons Karls fon der Osten-Sakens. The beautifully toned organ was made by Ansis Dinsber
Mazirbe Evangelic Lutheran Church
Mazirbe Lutheran Church has been standing on the sea-cost since 1766. The 40 meters tall church spire has always helped ships to locate their voyage exact position in the Straights or Irbe. The altar was_
Sight place
Dundaga Water tower
Peldanga Labyrinth (Liepniekvalka Caves)
Talsi district, Dundaga municipality, right bank of Peldanga stream, 500 m upstreams from Dundaga - Gibzde road, in the forest;
Complex system of passages with 5 entrances. Total length exceeds 70_
Zeltapses (Golden Asp) Boulder, Upsits
Svetmeitu kambari (Holy maid's chambers)
Valpene Pyramid
Rigzemes oak
Dundaga hillfort
Windmill ruins