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Zemgale Region

County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Korkulu dry riverbed and underground river
Korkuli stream is small but well manifested river with sandy bed. It winds through 10 - 15 m deep ravine with primeval broadleaved forest. Some 300 m below Korkuli hoemstead river disappears underground_
Jumprava dolomite outcrop
Radzu stone
Vaiku Stone (Peter's l, Napoleon's Stone)
Jelgava St. Anna Evangelic Lutheran Church
Jekabpils St. Michael Evangelic Lutheran Church
Consecrated in 1807. Double manual organ, separate parts of which have survived since 1825, when this piece of work was made by the organ builder Buhards
Jelgava St. George and St. Maria Roman Catholic Cathedral
Adminu secular stone
Gneiss. Size: hieght 3,9 m, length - 6,1 m, width - 2,5 m, volume - 32 m3. Measured by A. Opmanis 7th September 1997.
Several times endangered by human activity. There was interest in this large boulder_
Kulsheni spring (Ozolaine sulphur spring)
Rogali Stone
Length – 6,5 m, width – 4,6 m, height līdz 3,7 m, circumference – 18,5 m, volume 40 m³. In 1920ies there have been split off several large pieces. One 4 m long piece still is near_
Vecauce Evangelic Lutheran Church
Jelgava St. John Evangelic Lutheran Church
Jekabpils Holy Spirit Men's Monastery
Upper Waterfall of Skanstupite River
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Staburags cliff
Vecmelderi springs
One of the largest groups of springs in Latvia with enormous discharge. Some 10 powerful springs create large pond. Above the level of the water there are only two springs - the weakest and the most powerful_
The Great Stupelu Stone
Length – 6,7 m, width – 5,6 m, height down the hillside - 2,8 m, up the hill – 0,2 m, circumference 20,5 m, volume – 35 m³. The stone has got form of inverted pyramid. Surface_
Bauska Holy Spirit Evangelic Lutheran Church
The oldest remaining building in the part ofBauska Old Town is the Lutheran Church of Holy Spirit built a time ago for German congregation. It was built in 1591-1594 at the beginning without the tower but_
Jekabpils Roman Catholic Church
Aizkraukle Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ Power
Waterfall in Jumprava Park
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