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Interesting offers from Latvia’s regions at “Balttour 2006”

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Interesting offers from Latvia’s regions at “Balttour 2006”
Among the offer of about 300 tourism companies from 30 countries the visitors of the 13th International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2006” will have an opportunity to learn about new travel itineraries and recreational possibilities kindly offered in the stands of Latvia’s regions.

Along with Latvian and foreign travel agencies, embassies, airline companies, hotels, providers of transportation services and mass media, one of the biggest parts of “Balttour 2006” – the stands of Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Zemgale – will delight the visitors with interesting travel opportunities.

Breaking stereotypes about the travel opportunities in Zemgale

The objective of the Zemgale stand is to show that the region can offer not only cultural and natural tourism, providing opportunities to visit towns, cities, manor houses, churches, museums, various cultural events and nature parks, but can also delight fans of attractive leisure activities.

The recreation centre “Zemgale” will offer the visitors an opportunity to put themselves in ice-hockey goalkeepers’s place by trying on the sportswear, as well as to learn more about ice hockey, standing ice hockey, curling, and the displayed curling equipment.

Attendees of the Zemgale stand will find comprehensive information about the South African ostriches and will have an opportunity to look at the feathers and eggs of ostriches bred in the Jēkabpils District.

Any interested attendee will be able to meet the Baroness of the Blankenfeld Estate who will tell various ghost stories from the ancient times, as well as interesting facts about other manor houses in the Zemgale Region.

The Latgale stand – modern information technologies and “Borowa MC”

On 10th February, the latest innovations in information technology will be displayed at the Latgale stand. The example proposed will be the model of the Latgale tourist information portal, www.latgale.lv, and the 1188 information service collaboration “Modern and efficient source of information on tourism in Latgale”.

On 11th February, a bathhouse attendant from Latgale will dispense tips, recommendations and secrets for pampering one’s body to those who stop by the Latgale stand. There will also be an opportunity to taste bread and natural tea from Latgale and to learn about folk traditions and beliefs about bread – that is, how bread is baked and eaten in Latgale – as well as the significance of bread in our lives.

Latgalian musical performances for various tastes

On 11th February, Gunārs Igaunis, a master of instruments, will conduct a musical instrument workshop at the Latgale stand. Workshop participants will learn how various musical instruments are made, and they will be able to try their hand at making and playing them.

Also on 11th February, the second exhibition day, attendees will be able to meet the very popular in Latvia music group Borowa MC, which won the competition sponsored by Radio SWH and Muzikālā Banka (the Musical Bank). Surprises are in store, as well as meetings with fans, musical performances and autograph signing.

On 12th February, the last day of the exhibition, attendees will be entertained by the TV show’s favourites daGunchi and the group bezPVN (withoutVAT) singing songs in the Latgalian style. An opportunity to talk with fans and listeners is planned. That will be followed by a performance by the Latgale folklore group Laimas muzykanti (Laima’s musicians), which was established in 1995 and whose musical style ranges from acoustic kokles and the late 19th-century country-dance music to contemporary music and ethno-rock. However, Latgalian folk songs are the basis and integral part of this group’s musical signature.

The Kurzeme stand promises surprises

The Kurzeme Region will be presented in a collective Kurzeme stand with a magnificent tower seen already the year past. The tower will be enclosed by exposition of all six districts of Kurzeme – Liepāja, Ventspils, Talsi, Tukums, Kuldīga and Saldus. The tower is symbolising a lighthouse so typical for the Kurzeme coastline and catching the attention of seamen and tourists.

Ieva Ančevska, the head of Saldus Tourist Information Centre, told that attendees would have an opportunity to find something surprising and characteristic of this region at each stand. The Saldus District stand, for instance, will offer sweet surprises.

The main product offered by the Kuldiga stand will be the project “The Show of Soviet Charms” that will be a unique travel to the Soviet yesteryear. The show includes a romantic ride in a half-a-century old retro car and offers to enjoy routine scenes of the epoch. Kuldīga Tourist Information Centre offers four routes – a tour to the Soviet times, a Soviet-style wedding riding Volga cars and various wedding traditions, tours to nature in Soviet off-road vehicles, as well as school excursions in RAF minibuses “Latvija” or in even more spacious vehicle the so-called “wooden RAF”.

Vidzeme invites skiers and rafters

The participation of the Vidzeme travel service providers in “Balttour 2006”is supported by the Vidzeme Development Agency and PHARE co-financed project “Nine Rivers in Vidzeme”. Vidzeme Region’s offer this year will be the widest ever presented at “Balttour”.

At the moment, Vidzeme is enticing with variety and rich-in-snow skiing tracks such as already known “Baiļi” in Valmiera and “Žagarkalns” in Cēsis, as well as with the new ones – “Kamielis” and “Aklā zarna” provided by the Gaiziņš “Golgāta” complex.

When winter is be gone, Vidzeme will be waiting for water tourists, and a great support to them will be the Vidzeme Development Agency and PHARE programme’s joint project “Nine Rivers in Vidzeme” with river maps and a cooking book specially made for those travelling on water.

Valmiera Tourist Information Centre (TIC) is going to introduce to visitors what the Vidzeme Olympic Centre can offer for those who like active recreation, as well as the programme of Valmiera Local History Museum for those who are seeking for cultural events in this region. All travel opportunities will focus on natural resources of the district.

Valmiera TIC has specially republished brochures about travel opportunities for groups in Valmiera District, events and loggings around Valmiera. On Saturday, 11th February, a presentation of travel opportunities in Vidzeme will be held in the conference hall.

The organiser of “Balttour 2006”is the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in collaboration with the Association of Latvian Travel Agents (ALTA) that is a professional public organisation for the promotion and development of the tourist industry. ALTA unites major travel companies and their partners. The association is the member of the European Commission of National Travel Associations (ECTAA).

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