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Population: 18854
Home Site: www.tukums.lv
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Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 8
Active recreation 3
Beautycare 1
Catering 11
Culture, history 7
Entertainment 1
For transport 5
Health 12
Money 5
Nature 1
Organisations, institutions 4
Religion, cult 3
Services 1
Sightseeing, tours 8
Trade 9
Traffic, communication 3
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Objects to see
St. Trinity Lutheran Church
Sv.Trīsvienības (St. Trinity) Lutheran Church the first stone church in Tukums, St. Trinity dates to 1644 and it is one of the oldest buildings in town. In 1788 and 1789 additions were made to the church._
Tukums Art Museum
The Art Museum Built from 1935-1936, this was the first art museum in Latvia to be established outside of Riga . In its 60 years it has amassed one of the most valuable publicly accessible collections of_
Durbe Castle
One of the most beautiful monuments of culture in Tukums is Durbe Castle with the adjacent household buildings. It certainly can be regarded one of the most interesting Classical-style castles in Kurzeme._
St. Stephans Catholic Church
 Sv.Stefana (St. Stephans) Catholic Church A relatively new church, St. Stephans was built in 1897 and at that time wasn’t considered a church but a prayer hall because the Russian Czar didn’t_
Tukums St. Nicolas Orthodox Church
Weaving workshop
Weavers Workshop From the name, you expect to step back into the past and enter a thatched cottage in the woods, but in reality, the Weaver’s Workshop is located in a typical 20th century soviet_
Tukums Hillfort
Tukums hillfort is found quite a ways from the modern town centre and dates back to the 12th century. It was inhabited by Livs and Kurši. The hillfort was never completely finished because its construction_