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Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 56
Active recreation 1
Beautycare 4
Catering 69
Culture, history 8
Entertainment 20
Money 2
Organisations, institutions 8
Religion, cult 9
Services 8
Sightseeing, tours 87
Trade 10
Traffic, communication 2
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Objects to see
St. Jacob Roman Catholic Church with complex of buildings
St. Jacob Roman Catholic Churchs one of the oldest churches in Riga. The first references to it date back to 1226. At that time it was a church for suburbs' residents. During ages the church changed_
Museum of barricades of 1991
Museum of barricades of 1991has an exposition on display in three rooms of the Foundation where a model of the Dome Square with fires and lorries depicting the atmosphere of January 1991 is placed. There_
"Kaku maja" ("Cats house")
The Cat House is named for two black felines perched on the points of its towers. Not only did the beasts curse their first sculptor, he fatally fell while putting them up, but their purpose was to cause_
Anglican Church
Riga castle Ensemble with Bastion Fragments
It was founded in 1330 and has undergone repeated reconstructions. In the years of the Soviet era there was the Palace of Pioneers, at present there is the place of residence of the president of Latvia_
1991. year's barricades Memorial sign
Latvian War Museum
The Latvian War Museum was founded in 1916 as the Latvian Riflemen's Museum. Since 1919 the museum has been located in a 14th century powder tower, formerly one of Riga's 25 fortification towers._