Kurzeme reg.
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Object categories in this teritory
Accommodation 15
Active recreation 1
Catering 4
Culture, history 47
Health 8
Money 1
Nature 11
Organisations, institutions 9
Religion, cult 17
Services 3
Sightseeing, tours 20
Trade 2
Traffic, communication 9
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Objects to see
Aizpute Roman Catholic Church
Upper Waterfall of Dzerves - Berzini Springs
Cirava Evangelic Lutheran Church
Kazdanga Palace
First manor-house was wooden and it was situated in the place of present Chevaliers' House at the Valāta River. There also was linden-tree alley to the manor-house. The Late Classicism style manor-house_
Aizpute castle ruins
The Aizpute Castle was built in the 13th – 14th century. This was regular planned castella type Order’s Castle with corner tower and wooden buildings in the yard. In the 15th century outside_
Tashu Padure Manor, Kalvene Elementary School
Stone bridge over river Tebra