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Latgale Region

County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
The Great Devil's Stone (Kilu, Bruklaju Stone)
Length 8,3 m, width – 7,0 m, height 1,9 m, circumference 24,1 m, volume of the visible part - 45 m³. Local people know about this boulder since long time, it has been shown on the military map_
Vilusi (Viljusi) spring
Dagda cave
Daugavpils Theatre
Balvi Orthodox Church
Rezekne Evangelic Lutheran Congregation
In 1886 at Meščanskas Street (now – Raiņa Street) after the project of A.Jefimovs the first church was built. It was small one storey building without any architectural masterpieces. The_
Karsava St. Eufrosinia Orthodox Church
A beautiful wooden orthodox church in the Slavic style with a wide garden. The church is also famous for its pastor – archimandrite father Victor, who is well-known far. Excursion around Kārsava_
Medni secular stone
1.5 m high and 6 m long and broad Medņi boulder is placed in the centre of field. In 1.5 km from Medņi, to go along the road Balvi - Rēzekne, about 100 m on the North from bus station Ruduka.
Nicgale big (white) stone
Largest known boulder in Latvia. Length – 10,5 m, width – 10,4 m, height – 3,5 m, circumference – 31,1 m, volume of the visible part – 170 m³. Surface well rounded, with_
Sprogu gravas
Aglona Basilica
Aglona Basilica is Latvia's most important pilgrimage site and the leading Roman Catholic shrine in the nation. The church was built in 1699, but it's since been engulfed by an enormous courtyard_
Daugavpils St. Peter Roman Catholic Church
Vecā Forštate is count as the oldest residential area in Daugavpils. In 1997. its oldest part was taken in number of special protected territories of the city. In this wooden building structure_
Grivas Roman Catholic Church
Kraslava St. Prince Alexandr Nevski Orthodox Church
In 1863. because of distribution of Russian army in Kraslava with order of governor general of region M. Muravjovs after agreement with counts Platers abbey building was given to arrange Orthodox Church_
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Stiglava outcrops
Malkalne Spring
Plusona (Plisuna) grandstone
Daugavpils Evangelic Lutheran Church
Daugavpils Jewish Religious Community
Ilukste Roman Catholic Church
Falling Asleep of the Holy Virgin Ludza Orthodox Congregation
In 1845. built church stands in a beauty in the centre of the town's old part. It was built in style of Russian classicism. It is national protected architectural monument.
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