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County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Latvian National Theatre
The theatre building was constructed in 1902 on the basis of a draft designed by architect Augusts Reinbergs. Initially it housed the Second Riga City Theatre. The National Theatre was opened_
Riga Ascension Latvian Orthodox Congregation
Evangelic Lutheran Martin's Church
New St. Gertrud's Evangelic Lutheran Church
Latvian New Apostolic Church
Riga Orthodox Church of Annunciation of St. Virgin
National Opera of Latvia
The Latvian National Opera is the biggest and best musical theater in the country. Recognized as a living national treasure since its founding in 1918, Latvian National Opera at once became the center of_
Riga Russian Drama Theatre
Latvia houses the world’s oldest Russian theatre outside of Russia, and the theatre is more than 120 years old, with a rich tradition of acclaimed theatrical performances and celebrity.
Dome Cathedral (Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church) and Monastery Ensemble
St.Mary's Cathedral was built as a bishop's cathedral. This historical monument became a symbol of the Old town of Riga. For the past centuries it was rebuilt many times, so its present image contains_
Evangelic Lutheran Mezaparks Congregation
In 1901 construction works were started in Mezaparks area in order to convert in into a garden city called Keizarmezs, mainly populated by local Germans. The area needed an electricity network and hence_
Evangelic Lutheran St. Pavil's Congregation
Riga Christ's Birth Orthodox Cathedral
Riga Grebenscikova Old Believer Church
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Latvian Dailes Theatre
The Daile Theatre is an outstanding part of Latvian culture, with a wealth of traditions that date back nearly 80 years. Initially the Daile Theatre was housed in a building at Lāčplēša street_
Riga Holy Joseph Monastery of Congreagation of Betania Jacobin Sisters
Evangelic Lutheran Luther Church
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (LELB) is a Lutheran Protestant church in Latvia. Latvia’s Lutheran heritage dates back to the Reformation. Both the Nazi and communist regimes persecuted_
Riga Holy Trinity Evangelic Lutheran Church
Latvian United Methodist Church
St. Alexander Nevsky orthodox church, Riga
The church of the holy and right-believing grand prince Alexander Nevsky in Riga it’s a unique wooden architecture monument of the first quarter of the XIX century, as well as one of the most honoured_
Christ The King Roman catholic church of Riga
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