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Vecriga (Old Riga, Old Town)

County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Dome Cathedral (Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church) and Monastery Ensemble
St.Mary's Cathedral was built as a bishop's cathedral. This historical monument became a symbol of the Old town of Riga. For the past centuries it was rebuilt many times, so its present image contains_
Blackheads House
The origins of this structure date back to the 14th century, when a building was put up for the needs of city officials and tradesmen. The so-called Blackheads Society, whose patron was St. Mauritius, took_
Dannenstern House
Riga castle Ensemble with Bastion Fragments
It was founded in 1330 and has undergone repeated reconstructions. In the years of the Soviet era there was the Palace of Pioneers, at present there is the place of residence of the president of Latvia_
Reformed Church
"Bremenes muzikanti"
Swedish Gate
Virgin of Anguish Roman Catholic Church
Powder Tower
For the first time it was mentioned under the name of the Sand Tower. At the beginning of the 14 century the tower was a main part of Sand Gate fortification system, consisting of 25 towers. It stood on_
Riga Evangelic Lutheran St.John Church complex with remains of medieval buildings and Jacobin Monastery
 St. John's Church was first built as a chapel and a part of the Dominican monastery ensemble. It was first mentioned in the 13th century. After expulsion of the Dominicans at the time of reformation,_
Former St. George Church - Museum of Decorative Art and Design
The museum is located in the oldest surviving stone building in Riga, the former St. George's Church (1204). The display reflects the development of Latvian professional applied art and design from_
Konventa seta (Convent Court)
Doma Square
The place that is nowadays called Dome Square is an immeasurable spatial formation for Old Riga. In the 1860s dwellings were demolished in the western part of the Dome and the present western entrance of_
Lielais Kristaps (Big Christopher)
Big Christopher, the city's protector from floods and other natural disasters, first appeared in the 16th century, in a small cave by a bank of the Daugava River. Legend says that one day after returning_
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St. Peter Church
Saint Peter's church is a tall church in Riga, Latvia. It was first built in 1209 as a church for the people. Enlarged in the beginning of 15th century (1409-...) by the mason Johann Rumeschottel of_
Livs' Square
St. Jacob Roman Catholic Church with complex of buildings
St. Jacob Roman Catholic Churchs one of the oldest churches in Riga. The first references to it date back to 1226. At that time it was a church for suburbs' residents. During ages the church changed_
"The Three Brothers" - Residential Building Complex
The Three Brothers are an example of Medieval residential structures in Rīga - three buildings that were put up on very narrow strips of land. The façades and interiors provide a textbook example_
Anglican Church
The Small Guild
The Small Guild was built after the Big one. The owner was a closed fellowship of craftsmen that had been formed in the XIII century and in the middle of last century united representatives of more than_
Latvian Riflemen Square and Monument

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