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Riga Region

County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Turaida Castle
Its name is said to derive from Toro Aida, or God's Garden in Livonian. Anyway, it is generally considered one of the most romantic places in Latvia. Site of the fortress of the Livonian headman Kaupo,_
Veczemju Cliff ( Mantini Cliff ), Red Cliff
480 m wide, up to 3,5 m high sandstone cliff at the sea. Deposits from middle Devonic period, Burtnieki series. Cliffs have got many reliefs, notches, alcoves and caves. In some places sandstone is light_
Lauci Stone
Ziedleju cliff
Ciruli Rock and Flea Cave
Peter cave
Daudas and River Jodupite Valley
Pietrags (Macperu) Red Cliff
The Livs Sacrificial Caves
Earlier this was one cave with two branches. The entrance collapsed in 19th century and now there are two smaller caves close to each other - Big and Little Sacrifice caves. Big sacrifice cave was considered_
Viksnu (Elm) Caves
Spring originates from this cave. Width of the cave - 1,5 m, height - 2,1 m, floor area - 41 m2. Cave is located in a yeallow sandstone cliff, height of the cliff - 5 m. It is considered that the cave was_
The Great Stone (Runtina Spring Stone)
Gutmana Cave
Most popular and most spatious cave in Latvia. Ancient cult site. Even in 19th century here were left sacrifices to paganic deities.
Width of the cave - 12 m, maximum height of ceiling - 10 m (highest_
Pikenes precipice and caves
Kalna Klauku Cave and Spring
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Ezurgas Red Cliffs
Svetciems (Holy Village) Stone Islet
Ezernieki Karst Caves
Dolesmuiza Outcrop
Raven Gorge and Cave
Devil's Cave's Cliff
Saltavots (The Frosty Spring)
Spring is discharging 2 million litres water per day, temperature of water - 5 degrees. It was considered to be the most powerful spring in Latvia
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