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Rojas County

County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Velna kalvas (The Devil's Stonewalls)
Roja Evangelic Lutheran Church
In its time, Rojas Lutheran Church has survived several changes. In 1854, a stone tower was built on the wooden church, but by 1878 the rest of the church was rebuilt in stone using a simple aesthetic design._
Bird watching tower
Kaltene St. Catherin Evangelic Lutheran Church
Roja secular stone
Engure Lake
Lake Engure is a lake in the western part of Latvia, in the Talsi district. It is the third largest lake in the country after Lake Lubāns and Lak Rāzna. Lake Engure is an ancient sea lagoon, divided from_
Purciems White Dune
Kaltene shore formations IV
Jaunvilki (Pilsupe) waterfall
Roja Sea Fishery Museum
The Roja Sea-fishing Museum was opened in 1971. It reflects the life and work of fishermen. One of the exhibitions tells visitors about Krisjanis Valdemars' naval schools on the seaboard of Northern_
Engure Lake Nature Park
What ideas have you got associated with Engure Lake Nature Park? For some folks it is associated with sunsets on the lake with a fishing rod or a sporting gun in his hands, the other visitor recall the_
Kirkrags Horn
Canal of Mersrags
"Kaltenes kalvas" (Stonewalls)
Stone ridges formed in the bed of Baltic Ice Lake at the final stages of the last Ice Age. There are several stone ridges with their own names - Velna kalva, Karduskalva, Punu kalva, Krapsinkalva etc. The_
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Mersrags Lighthouse
Svetmeitas stone
Mersrags Evangelic Lutheran church
Mersrags and its environs
Meeting House
Gipka Evangelic Lutheran Church
Kaltene Nature Trail with Bird watching platform
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