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"Piena muiža - Berghof" - Hotel

+371 26518660

All ingenious is simple. There are not so many things that are simple, pure, clear and so meaningful at the same time as milk. It is the symbol of health, power and prosperity. The milk brings back to nature, to the childhood, to the history, to the simple and real values. Back to the soul and the essence.

That is why we honoring milk and embed its values in every step we make, in every though we think. Dairy Estate - Berghof.

Hotel at the renovated estate offers welcoming to the travelers and guests.
o Refurbished luxurious place for carrying out a wedding, fest or banquet, for unexpected engagement proposals, for lavish dinners for two of card games with friends... the fantasy is all yours.
o There are 14 LUX, TWIN and DBL rooms on the top floor.
o The penthouse offers extra accommodation on the mattresses which is particularly useful during bigger events.

Rose Tavern:
Estate cooks are capable to prepare any dish, yet we are very committed to create the wellbeing, sate feeling, and good mood for our guests! That's why our cooks make the meal only from organic products that grow in our and our neighboring lovingly groomed gardens.
Substantial part of the Taverns menu goes to the dairy products. The cream is transformed into butter right on the spot, in the nearby Dairy Museum! Milk is an important part of the dish. Cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, butter, ice cream.
The Estate gardens are the home for our seasonings, herbs, lettuce, apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, black currants, gooseberries, raspberries, rhubarbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, beets, cabbages, potatoes, courgettes, and many more. But the surrounding forests and meadows are the good harvest place for wild strawberries, blueberries, cowberries, cranberries and herbal teas.

Charming SPA salon is the best place to relax and let loose through the SPA rituals.
o Baths are the real encounter! The most popular - Milk bath, Milk-honey-roses bath, Roses bath, mild PIEN_ SPA milk whey bath. We offer lavender, peppermint, sea salt and other aromas as well.
o SPA rituals. The latest rituals this winter are also that of combined bath + body scrub + body procedure + massage + feet procedure. Five different offers all for one price - Ls 52.
o Traditional massages. Our masseur, whose skills are measured for 11 of 10 points scale, will do you the traditional body massage, back massage, and feet massage. Expecting ladies are more than welcome! We will treat you with extra tenderness.

Master's bath - wet sauna, steam bath, swimming pool with the counter-current flow, fireplace hall. Available for both, individual and group visits.

Black stone bath -is a sanctuary for the bathhouse attendant, located in the basement floor of the Rural SPA house. Hours long steaming and flapping ritual. Tinctures, teas, scrubs, massages, ice contrast body procedures.

White bath and the Rural SPA house for 4-6 people. Is there any festive event or a simple desire to get away from the daily buzz and stress, you are welcome here. Or, perhaps you wish to have a real bath flapping experience? Please, feel free!

Dairy museum:
In 1985 Mārtiņš Sesks, the Director of Liepāja Dairy Industrial Complex, has founded the Dairy Museum, in the former Sieksāte manor. He placed there the large-scale exposition including the award for the best export butter, given to his father Žanis Sesks by the English Queen.
Today the exposition of the Dairy Museum is located in two buildings - former storage house and the cheese dairy. Museum visitors will find out the full history of dairy industry, starting from milking the cow and up to the butter making.

Should you plan to visit the Dairy museum, feel free to choose one of the excursions - Milk History (incl. exposition visit + tour to the estate) or Milky Way (incl. exposition visit + tour to the estate + short movie clip + cheese dairy exercise + butter making).

Outdoor activities:
- Should you wish to hike, you are welcome to take the hiking sticks. We have both, for adults and kids.
- You can also take our bike and take a tour to the nearest surroundings and estates (like Laidi, Kazdanga, Rudbārži). We can equip it with child seat and give you the blocking keys if you wish.
- If there is snowy, we can show you the distance skiing track nearby.

As of 2012:
- Auto-trailers parking lot, electricity, water, comfortable house with showers, WC as well as washing machine, fireplace, place for tents.
- Tennis courts and multifunctional court for basketball, floorball, etc, winters - skating.


Manor development
Kalnmuiza Manor (Rudbarzu par., Sieksate)
Latvia Dairy Museum (Rudbarzu par., Sieksate)

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