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County Map of Latvia - Latvian Counties 
Aluksne St. Bonifacy Roman Catholic Church
The Aluksne Catholic Church was consecrated in 2001. The architect A. Krusts, instead of using the most common rectangular shape, chose a solution more resembling a living house with a small tower, thus_
Granite Obelisk
Pulpit maisonette
Livonian Order Castle Ruins
The Livonian Order stone castle was built in 1342 on the Pils or Maria Island, the biggest island on Lake Aluksne. During the subsequent centuries it was inhabited by Germans, Russians, Poles, and Swedes._
Aluksne Manor Park
Aluksne manor park was laid out in the second half of the 18th century according to the idea of Baron Burhard von Vietinghoff, as a Romanticism style scenery park. It was the best park in Vidzeme and is_
Station "Aluksne"
Nearly 33 km in length, the Gulbene - Aluksne line is the last section of narrow gauge railway in general use in Latvia. It is the only part of the much longer Stukmani - Valka <stukmani.htm> railway,_
Aluksne Lake
Aluksne lake is the eleventh biggest lake in Latvia. The lake is situated 183.7 m above the sea level. There are four islands - Cepurīte (Little Hat Island), Garā (Long Island), Tīklu (Net Island), and_
Aiolos Temple
Aiolos Temple is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the park. It was built in the second half of the 18th century. The temple was devoted to the Greek god of wind Aiolos. Previously the dome was_
Palm house
School place of E. Gliks
Temple Hill
 is situated on the south-western part of the Cemetery Peninsula. In 1807 a granite rotunda or temple of glory was built on the hill in honour of the faithful fighters of the Northern War - Swedish_
Aluksne Evangelic Lutheran Church
built between 1781 and 1788 upon the initiative of the Aluksne castle owner Otto Herman von Vietinghoff, is a remarkable sample of Latvian early Classicism. The architect was Christoph Haberland. The height_
Old Castle of Aluksne
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The New Palace for Baron Fitinghof
Alexandr's Pavilion
Aluksne Orthodox Church
was built in 1895 in the Eclecticism style. The towers are topped with small domes.   
Aluksne Regional Tourist Information Centre
Gliks oaks
Aluksne Local Heritage and Art Museum
The Aluksne Local Heritage and Art Museum is situated in the Aluksne New Palace, built to the order of the German Baron Vietinghoff. Built in the 1860s, it features typical forms of eclecticism. The museum_
Bible Museum

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